Mango Chaunsa

 Eating mango is a great way to improve your skin from the inside out. Mangoes are rich in vitamin C, which plays major role in skin health and may even help reduce the signs of aging.Along with its high vitamin C and antioxidant content, a single one-cup serving of mango also has about 10% of our daily dose of vitamin A, another must-have to support healthy immune system.One of the benefits of mango is being able to help with weight loss. A one-cup serving of mango has 2.6 grams of fiber, which can help you stay feeling full longer. Plus, it makes a great substitute for junk food when you’re in the mood for something sweet! One thing to note—mango is high in sugar, so don’t go overboard.A serving of mango boasts more than a few nutrients to support the healthy development of your baby. One cup of this marvelous fruit has significant amounts of vital vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, A, B6, and folate, amongst others. Here are a few other great food to eat while pregnant.