Menu Boneless Finger Fish 1 KG

Weight: 1 KG

Menu Boneless Finger Fish 1 KG

Fish Fingers are very easy to cook and to prepare. However, whatever recipe you try, stick to some basic rules to get the maximum flavor out of your meal as follows:

1. These Fish Fingers are mild, yet tasty on their own. Hence, refrain from strong seasoning that would dominate the own taste of the Fish Fingers.

2. When frying, the Fish Fingers will be ready until turning golden.

3. For baking, about 25-30 minutes should be enough. Preheat the oven to around 200°C before baking the Fish Fingers.

Storage and Thawing Guidelines


Keep product frozen in its original packaging in the freezer (at -18 to -21ºC).
3 safe ways to defrost fish biscuits;


For slow thawing, place product in a container and leave in the fridge to defrost overnight.

2-Cold Water

For faster defrosting, immerse entire pack in cold water and leave until it is completely thawed.


For immediate cookig, defrost in accordance with microwave manual instructions.

Note: Avoid re-freezing to ensure fine taste & quality.
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